Really has been awhile... by David Rizzico

While I’m not a professional photographer and I’m not trying to sell something I tend to forget about this blog.  (Doesn’t help that I’m lazy too…) So I thought I would do a quick update.  One of my goals for the remainder of this year is to update the site with newer pictures.  

My first updates will be in the Aviation photos.  We are coming up on a couple of Air Shows here in NC.  The NC Ballon festival and the Warbirds over Monroe airshow.  I also plan to take some new photos when the Collings Foundation flies into Statesville NC with their Wings of Freedom tour.  If your are into Warbirds look for that tour when they come to your area.  They fly in with several WWII warbirds for static displays and rides.

Well I have to go to work now so take care.


Been a while... by David Rizzico

Well its been a long while since I last wrote something so I've been shooting a few different subjects mostly at work for gifts and parties.  But just a few days ago I went back to a Tiger World in Rockwell NC.  A large Cat sanctuary with Lions and Tigers and Bears...  Shooting great pictures in a Zoo is a challenge but if you have a good fast lens it is doable.  I've add a new projects page to the site to show what can be done.  Hope you enjoy it.

Inspiration by David Rizzico

Well this quarter, I want to talk about two inspirations, First is Dave Black Sports photographer par excellence his classes on Kelby One gave me the confidence to shoot The US Olympic Trials for Canoe and Kayak held in Charlotte NC at the U.S. National Whitewater Center the weekend of April 8th and 9th 2016.  I hope it shows in the pictures.  The other inspiration were the two professional photographers from the AP and Getty photo services who were covering the event.  They were the most gracious individuals and though I don't remember their names (I'm really bad about that.., and been that way my whole life) they took their time to answer my dumb questions about some of their techniques.  Thank you all.

Dave Rizzico

Welcome to a Blog by David Rizzico

Well, you've come to the page of someone who has a hard time writing creatively so hopefully I won't scare you away.  I plan for this blog to showcase other photographers who have inspired me either through their photos (OK, especially their photos) or their writing or training.  The first individual who has inspired me to better my photography is the great one himself.  Scott Kelby I have been a member of his KelbyOne Training site for several years and have recommended it to many friends and people who I have met when I walk through my local Best Buy an see them agonizing over the choices for a camera for themselves or for their children.  Scot's Video Podcast Show the Grid is one I credit for starting this website.  Also I got to see him live in Charlotte NC when he came with his Shoot Like a Pro Tour in Oct of 2014.